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We have limited stock of items that have been restyled by the manufacturer.
Clothing items are considered Special Order and therefore may take
up to 5 extra business days for shipping. 

At clearance prices, these items will go fast. Order now and save a bundle.

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Men's GLX Curling Pants Thumbnail

Men's GQ Curling Pants Thumbnail Men's Maritz Soft Shell Jacket Thumbnail
Men's GLX
Curling Pants
Men's GQ
Curling Pants
Maritz Soft Shell Jacket

Men's Scion Soft Shell Vest Thumbnail

Men's Sierra Long Sleeve Top Thumbnail Unisex Abstract Sapphire Curler Tee Thumbnail
Scion Soft Shell Vest Sierra Long Sleeve Top Abstract Blue Curler Tee

Unisex Abstract Pink Curler Tee Thumbnail

Thermocurl White and Grey Gloves Goldline Curling Mitts Thumbnail
Abstract Pink Curler Tee Men's Thermocurl
White and Grey
Goldline Unisex Mitts

Renegade (Unisex) Thumbnail Men's Olso Black and Emerals Jacket with White piping Thumbnail
Precision Gloves
Renegade Black Only Oslo Black and Emerald
with White Piping
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