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Nee Saver2 Delivery Aid

The Nee Saver2 eliminates the need of carrying both a brush and a delivery aid.

The Nee Saver2 attaches to any broom with a removable clamp and is transferable from brush to brush in seconds through the universal clamp it uses.

The Nee Saver2 is made of stainless steel.

Accuracy of delivery is accomplished through the balanced center delivery design. 

The brush is used as normal for brushing and when the curler is ready to deliver his/her rock the Nee Saver2 is flipped forward and the brush inverted prior to the aid being placed on the rock handle.

Upon releasing the rock during delivery the brush is lifted and the Nee Saver2 is snapped back into the "home" position by the curler.

Broom not included.

The Foldaway Stick Curling Aid

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