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Antislider Slip on Gripper


The rubber used in Goldline antisliders is specially formulated to provide traction on ice, while at the same time being durable and affording longevity.

 The antislider is commonly used over the slider foot and removed only during delivery.

It gives you traction and therefore stability on your slider foot.

 Goldline antisliders are available in three models, the Regular Width Version and Wide Width Version on this page, and the Quantum Curling Shoe Version made to fit Quantum Shoes is available here.

For non-Goldline shoes, the general rule is to order a regular fit gripper for the narrower dress style curling shoes and a wide fit gripper for the sneaker style curling shoes.

Sizes:  XS to XXL


Antislider slip in gripper

Ladies Goldline Shoe Size

Men's Goldline Shoe Size

Size Quantum G50 Podium Tyro Size Quantum G50 Podium Tyro
5 XS - - XS 7 S S S S
5.5 XS - - XS 7.5 S S S S
6.5 XS XS XS XS 8.5 M M M M
7 S XS XS XS 9 M M M M
7.5 S XS XS XS 9.5 L M M L
8 S S XS S 10 L L L L
8.5 S S S S 10.5 L L L L
9 M S S S 11 XL L L XL
9.5 M M S M 11.5 XL XL XL XL
10 M M M M 12 XL XL XL XL
          13 XXL XL XL XXL
          14 XXL XXL XXL XXL
          15 XXL XXL XXL XXL

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Description Item # Suggested Retail Our Price Quantity / Buy
Antislider Slip on Gripper
Regular Fit Black
#G139 $17.00 $12.25

Antislider Slip on Gripper
Wide Fit Black
#G142 $17.00 $12.25

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