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FG 360 Air Broom with Fiberglass Handle and Pad


The FG 360 Air Broom is a great introductory level curling broom.  It features a strong fiberglass handle that is budget friendly and easy to use.  It also comes with the all new Air Head, which employs aerospace technology - Honeycomb construction with advanced materials that reduce weight while optimizing strength and durability.

The Air Pad design features fabric over foam and weighs a mere 15 grams.  One seventh the weight of conventional pads.

To replace the pad, simply pull up on the tab to remove the old one, then press another into place.  It`s  that easy!

The FG 360 Air Broom comes with an Air Elite Pad which is designed to conform with WCF curling broom regulations in regards to size, foam and performance specifications.  Air Elite Pads even feature the same type of fabric specified by the WCF, just in a variety of Non-approved colors.

The FG 360 Air Broom is available with 1" or 1 1/8" handles.

FG360 Fiberglass Broom with Red Pad

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Description Item # Suggested Retail Our Price Quantity / Buy
FG 360 Air Broom
1" Handle
Blue Air Elite Pad
#G10333 $79.00 $62.95
FG 360 Air Broom
1 1/8" Handle
Red Air Elite Pad
#G10333 $79.00 $62.95
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