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Quantum Slider Discs




With three different speeds to choose from, Quantum Slider Discs allow you to personalize your Quantum Curling Shoes to match your curling abilities. Get started by picking the speed you are most comfortable with. 

If you ever want to change to another speed you can give your shoes new life by simply pick up a new set of discs. All you have to do is pop out the old discs and replace them with your new ones.

Quantum Slider Discs are at the core of the Quantum Shoe system. The discs are sold in sets of seven and are available with three different speed ratings.

Sold in sets of 7.
Quantum Slider Discs

Speed 7 Quantum Sliding Discs are White Teflon, with the speed 7 discs being roughly equivalent to a 5/32" traditional Teflon slider. This speed is appropriate for Novice / First time curlers.
Speed 10 Quantum Sliding Discs are equivalent to 1/4” Teflon fastened to a polycarbonate base. A lip around the perimeter of the Teflon “wafer” is over moulded with the polycarbonate, holding it firmly in place. The polycarbonate base also provides a hard backing, reducing undulation as the Teflon travels over the pebble, thereby enhancing speed. Speed is similar to thick or ¼” Teflon. Again, the discs are ultra light and ultra strong.  Appropriate for Accomplished / Experienced curlers

Speed 12 Quantum Sliding Discs are made of stainless steel and outperforms any Teflon slider.  Appropriate for Experienced / Elite curlers.
The slider disks are available in various materials, each offering a different speed, while the gripper disk features a TPR rubber surface which affords optimal traction.


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Description Item # Suggested Retail Our Price Quantity / Buy
Quantum Slider Discs
Speed 7 Set-Poly-Ice
 Novice / First Time Curlers
#G08402 $59.00 $32.80
Quantum Slider Discs
Speed 10 Set - Teflon
Accomplished/Experienced Curlers
#G08404 $79.00 $49.20
Quantum Slider Discs
Speed 12 Set -Stainless Steel  Experienced/Elite Curlers
#G08405 $99.00 $65.95
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