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Men's Quantum Z Curling Shoe with Gripper Discs


The Quantum Z is the top model in the Quantum line and is distinguished by white leather uppers and carbon fiber reinforcement in the instep.

Quantum shoes feature a disc based slider system and are worn by elite curlers such as Brad Jacobs, Kaitlyn Lawes and Alina Paetz.

Quantum Curling Shoes have discs placed strategically on the outsole in a specific pattern that creates a wide balance platform. The “Stability Channel” down the center of the sole ensures that you slide on the periphery of the sole, optimizing balance and stability.

This disc pattern also eliminates drift, irrespective of the orientation of each disc or your foot during delivery.

Quantum Curling Shoes come with one set of gripper discs that you snap into the sole of your gripper shoe. You can then customize the shoe to match your ability and style by purchasing the slider discs with a speed rating appropriate for you.

Men's Quantum Z Curling Shoes
There are three different slider discs available, ranging in speed from 7 (stable) to 12 (very fast). If you don't want to start off too fast you can begin with discs you are comfortable with and upgrade later, when you are ready. Simply snap off the old discs and snap in the new ones!
Men's Sizing:  

   7   7½   8   8½  9   9˝

       10   10˝   11   11˝   14   15    
     All sizes are D Width.
                                Grippers for the Quantum Shoes are available here.

You are able to customize your Quantum Curling Shoes to match your personal style and ability by choosing Quantum Discs that are right for you. Every pair of Quantum Shoes will ship with one set of gripper discs, but you must select a second set of discs, usually a set of Quantum Slider Discs. If you will be playing with double grippers you will can purchase a second set of Quantum Gripper Discs instead.  To see a more detailed explanation of the Sliders click hereFor a more detailed explanation of the Grippers click here.
The Quantum Z curling shoe sizes are accurate to North American athletic sizes. When
choosing the shoe size, please select the same size as you would wear in a sneaker.
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Description Item # Suggested Retail Our Price Quantity / Buy
Men's Quantum Z Curling Shoes
with Gripper Discs
#G07702 $239.00 $118.95

Quantum Slider Discs Speed 7
Novice/First Time Curlers
#G08402 $59.00 $32.80
Quantum Slider Discs Speed 10
1/8"  Teflon
Accomplished/Experienced Curlers
#G08404 $79.00 $49.20
Quantum Slider Discs Speed 12
Stainless Steel
Experienced/Elite Curlers
#G08405 $99.00 $65.95
Prices are in American Funds
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